Iconic Light


Iconic Light

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I photographed this scene on my winter 2016 visit to Zion National Park. This is one of the iconic locations within the park that many photographers flock to. Typically I avoid such subjects, but in this case, there was a dusting of snow, combined with fiery light from frigid winter sunrise.

One of the challenges with large format is the inability to setup a view camera in the dark. To take this photo, I placed 3 rocks on the ground the afternoon before I took this photo, then setup my tripod atop those rocks. I was able to establish the composition, focus the lens, and get the camera setup for a morning photo. I then pulled the tripod from the rocks, and brought it back to my truck. 

The next morning, I brought my camera into the field before sunrise, and set it on top of the rocks exactly as it was the day before. I lucked out and had a wonderful sunrise that morning.

If this was a more off-the-beaten-path location, I would have simply left my camera in place overnight. That's what I often do in places like Death Valley where the camera is located in remote locations that people can't find.

If you would like to know more of the story behind this photo, please watch my video journal at the bottom of this page. It was filmed the day that I took this photo.


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